Steampunk Necklace

Earlier this week I posted about how I check to see if a necklace can be repaired before I use it to make my custom #steampunk pieces.

I was sad that the necklace I used today couldn’t be repaired. The skill and time it must have taken to make it originally, the beauty of the components is amazing. Unfortunately it was incomplete and broken into several pieces, some of those which remained were too badly damaged to use. But what was left I think complements my pendant beautifully. I fashioned a new metal link for one set of tiny pearls, replaced the damaged jump links, removed damaged components and inserted my pendant, converted one of the original pearl and claws into a drop for the pendant and then finished it off with a length a chain at the back, with a lobster claw clasp and a matching pearl for the end of the safety chain.

I think the vintage elements work so well with the steampunk pendant, and I’d like to think that the jeweller who created the original necklace would like this one too.

Each piece I create has a history and a story, and in this case in particular I know I will never make another quite like it. I love how it sits when worn, nestling at the base of the neck. It’s intricate and delicate, and truly unique.

If you’d like to try it on, find me this Saturday at #SciFiBromley on Bromley High Street from 10am