SciFi Bromley

I’m just home after an amazing day at the SciFi Covention in Bromley. It was an utterly exhausting day, but so much fun.

Thank you to everyone who stopped to look and chat, and to everyone who bought my steampunk creations! I’m looking forward to getting to work making more, and have some great ideas based on some of our conversations.

I love what I make, and was quite nervous at the outset today about how it would all be received. You were beyond kind, even HG Wells himself and the Mayor of Bromley were wearing my steampunk creations by the end of the day! (Cufflinks and Lapel Pin respectively)

Thank you to the organisers – SciFi Bromley, all the other amazing stallholders and artists, the Cosplayers and public. It was a fantastic atmosphere and I am looking forward to coming back.

But for now I am going to sleep!