Oil Slick Cystal

I love vintage watches and I love vintage jewellery, which is why I use both in my steampunk creations.

When I saw two strands of oil slick crystals in the bag of jewellery I collected the other week I was so excited. Straight away in my minds eye I had plans for them. When I found their clasp as well I was blown away. It’s stunning. I couldn’t wait to get to work, but it soon became clear the damage to the necklace was minimal. Just a few strained links had come away, a moments work to reattach them, another moment to check and tighten the others and this necklace is almost as good as new (minor scuffs to a couple of crystals) It would be wrong to take it apart, I’ve seldom seen a double strand crystal necklace as eye catching as this – and that clasp! It feels amazing on, and reasonably heavy at 65g.

I don’t destroy beautiful vintage items which can be fixed. Which is why you’ll also see original and repaired items on my stalls. This gorgeous necklace is £35 and I’ll have it with me at #SciFiBromley this coming Saturday.

(Unless it sells here first!)

Steampunk Creations

I’ll give them another 24hours to fully harden to be on the safe side, but I can’t wait to add the finishing touches to my most recent #steampunkcreations 🙂

I love how the resin reflects the light and acts like a magnifying glass for the watch parts. Each piece is unique. I couldn’t make an exact duplicate if I wanted to – which of course I don’t!


building up stock

When I am busy making every stage feels like my favourite, whether it’s choosing which bases to order, rooting through beautiful jewellery, “harvesting” the watch parts or arranging the tiny components using pins to make minute adjustments. But maybe, just maybe it’s this stage – they really come alive when the resin is poured!

I’m building up stock for my up coming stalls and an online shop launch- but if anyone spots anything they particularly like or would like a custom order just drop me a message. I’m happy to send photos and prices, items can be posted.

No two pieces are the same!

No two pieces I make are the same, and with so many beautiful components to choose from each one takes a surprisingly long time to arrange. This pendant is almost ready for its resin, I will then make it a unique necklace to hang on… perhaps of vintage pearls and brass beads, or maybe rock crystals.

What a wonderful day!

Having an amazing day, I’ve had some sales as well as enquiries for commissions and a recommendation for a convention!

Lovely to see so any friendly faces as well. Photo upload isn’t working will post some later.

Absolutely blown away by the response and encouragement. Thank you everyone who helped me get here. Thrilled to have sold some of my creations and get lots of lovely comments and suggestions, and even some commissions!

I’m feeling so excited right now (and exhausted!) can’t wait to make some more things and get the next stall booked… Watch this space!


My first stall…

I’ve been having lots of fun this week, here’s a quick peek at some of my new creations.

They will all be on my first stall this Sunday at the Chinbrook Dog Show, 11 – 5pm in Chinbrook Meadows. If you’re in South London come and say hello!