Oil Slick Cystal

I love vintage watches and I love vintage jewellery, which is why I use both in my steampunk creations.

When I saw two strands of oil slick crystals in the bag of jewellery I collected the other week I was so excited. Straight away in my minds eye I had plans for them. When I found their clasp as well I was blown away. It’s stunning. I couldn’t wait to get to work, but it soon became clear the damage to the necklace was minimal. Just a few strained links had come away, a moments work to reattach them, another moment to check and tighten the others and this necklace is almost as good as new (minor scuffs to a couple of crystals) It would be wrong to take it apart, I’ve seldom seen a double strand crystal necklace as eye catching as this – and that clasp! It feels amazing on, and reasonably heavy at 65g.

I don’t destroy beautiful vintage items which can be fixed. Which is why you’ll also see original and repaired items on my stalls. This gorgeous necklace is £35 and I’ll have it with me at #SciFiBromley this coming Saturday.

(Unless it sells here first!)