Handmade Steampunk Jewellery and  Accessories created with genuine watch parts and vintage jewellery.

I love vintage watches, and I love vintage jewellery which is why I use both to make my Steampunk jewellery and accessories. I always check first that the watches and jewellery aren’t suitable for repair before incorporating them into my designs.

Those that can be repaired I do- look out for my original vintage pieces for sale. I also work with a local watchmaker who takes and repairs those watches it would be criminal to take apart, as well as supplying me with parts of my jewellery.

The nature the materials means that no two pieces are ever the same. Follow my blog for details of my work and the story behind some truly unique pieces.

I’ll be launching an online shop in the near future, but in the meantime if you’ve seen anything you like please contact me I can send details and prices- all items can be posted. Alternatively please see the events section for details of upcoming markets where you can browse and purchase my latest creations.

If you like the style of what I make but want something slightly different, a specific length perhaps, maybe a special set of necklaces for a bridal party, or buttons for your favourite coat, or if you would like me to use something you already own please do get in contact either by email or using our contact form (see the orders & commissions page) and I’ll be happy to work to your specifications.

If you have any comments or questions I’d love to hear from you.